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Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2018. I play live music at my church, and I was using a pair of Shure 425's, which were great, but they were a bit lacking in low end. KZ if you are reading this you are probably about to realize you sent this to the wrong reviewer. I was skeptical on these - how could $50 IEMs actually be useful - but wow, I was impressed. Just 50 bucks so, you can't go wrong. What you will get? The Dynamic … Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. KZ Quad Driver Headphones. Now here's the weird thing. 4.9 out of 5 stars 9 ratings. Firstly they make excellent cheap earphones … HP X360 laptop. The ZS6, on the other hand, simply sounds about right for something competing in the $50 market. 10 Days Replacement. It's by no means a giant killer as moving up a touch puts you into the grasp of the RHA MA750, 1 More Triple Driver but it is a solid all-around performer. ERJIGO KZ ZS6. I'm actually rather impressed by that given those giant open looking grates on the outside of the driver housing. Watch. Details about KZ ZS6 Quad Driver Earphones 2DD+2BA Extra Bass Headphones with Detachable Cable. DC resistance: 15 ohms. Medium and large ears should work a little bit better but they still do have some sharp corners. Dimension and Weight kz ks6 hybrid driver earphones review. KZ has built a solid reputation over the past few years and doing this can only hurt them in the long run. This is a full in-depth review of the JBL Reflect Flow true wireless earbuds where we discuss the features and performance to help you make a decision before you purchase. Connectivity : Wired We are sorry. But really, 2 DD drives and 2 balanced, why would they not be? Free shipping . Thanks to Gearbest for sending the KZ ZS6 and making this review possible this is the link for the KZ ZS6 -  Again it is not a paid review (and that is not an affiliate link) the earphones are now available for collection. What we wanted to find out in this review is if the ZS6 are worth the price increase but also how they stand up against the other manufacturer's offerings. Now I did say above that the build quality isn't a patch on the Campfire Audio IEM's but that doesn't mean it is bad. Got a Question? Type: In-Ear Earphone… I wish they were packaged a little better but at this price that's a minor want compared to the high performance of the product. Cheers and enjoy the music. Its like they put mini loudspeaker into this earphone, for all frequencies an independent driver. I bought the ZSX from Linsoul too. Free shipping. There was a problem completing your request. Audiophile On is a review site for high-end audiophile headphones and earphones. If you like a nice bright sound (but not too bright) and a very very genourous classy deep low that delivers- these are for you!!!! Personally, I think this is a really s**t thing to have done on the part of KZ. I play the keys on large stages in large venues with all the resources any musician could dream of. period!! Covering headphones, IEM, amps, dacs, cables & DAP's. I own Shure SE 535's, Klipsch, One More,Seinheiser, Sony, JVC, Polk, AKG, and a bunch of other audiophile grade headphones and earbuds. Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2018. This box is tiny, simple and straight to the point its nothing more than a white cardboard sleeve with some logo's and info on it. Cable length: 3.9 foot. With CNC numerical control lathe precisely carving tech, it average takes four to five hours to finish such a pure metal headset cavity which is made of professional aviation aluminum. The bass is punchy. KZ AS10 Headphones 5BA Balanced Armature Driver HIFI Bass Earphones In Ear Monitor Sport Headset Noise Cancelling Earbuds; KZ AS12 Earphones 12BA Balanced Armature Drives HIFI Bass … Replaceable wire design makes it has more extended functionality. KZ ZSX 5BA+1DD 12 Unit Hybrid Technology Earphones … In this instance KZ Acoustics is the first manufacturer to market with a quad-driver in-ear monitor below not just the $200 threshold or even the $100 threshold. They sound as good as Shure IEMs that cost 5 times as much. Watch. However, these new earphones come in just shy of $40 meaning it has to compete against far tougher competition than the earlier models were up against. A friend of mine messaged me the other day with a photo of his ZS6 and the box was completely different than what I had got with mine. Strain relief points are adequate and there is no inline microphone or remote control but there is a nice chunky 3.5mm jack on the end that we did like. Nothing fancy at all but it keeps the earphones safe through transit and the simplicity will have helped keep the cost down. I was blown away when I first tried them and am still completely in love with these drivers. Package weight: 0.14 pounds. KZ ZST Pro Dynamic Hybrid Dual Driver in-Ear Headphones Black Without Mic. Images from are subject to license. At that price I can take them to the beach and leave more expensive gear home. Price: £39 ... 1 x KZ ZS6 Earphones … We give you reasons you should and shouldn’t but them and provide you with comparisons to alternatives. KZ ZS6 Quad Driver High Fidelity Extra Bass Hifi In-Ear Earphone with Mic, Detachable Cable (Black) by KZ. Heavy Metal, Sarah Brightman, Mozart, Beethoven. The ear-buds they come with are useless. They are comfortable. Just do yourself a favor and click “Buy now”, Reviewed in the United States on February 21, 2020. ... Moondrop Solis 2EST+4BA Hybrid Driver HiFi In-Ear Earphone With Detachable Cable. I listen to everything. High Fidelity Extra Bass Earbuds. I was blown away when I first tried them and am still completely in love with these drivers. The Bluetooth wire costs about $18, but I hear the battery life on it isn't the greatest. Product weight: 0.04 pounds. With the new drive and precision electronic frequency division technology, the new KZ ZS6 headphones are outstanding in sound detail, such as high frequency malleability, and thick intermediate frequency performance which is a leap forward for headphone sound quality, Detachable Wire and Ergonomic Earbud Design. Metal bodies, nozzles and wax guards plus the inclusion of detachable cables are all welcome additions. Some sound does work its way inside but it's by no means worse than many other small vented dynamic-driver earphones. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. They are dirt cheap and dramatically increase the overall feel and aesthetic of the earphone and make them seem like a far more premium offering. I have a Note 9 and they do sound better through the Jotunheim and D 70. Please try again later. I don't wear them as instructed (Left for left, Right for Right), this is just too awkward for convenience and they fit better in my ears (in reverse). However, they bring out EVERYTHING in a recording and equipment. That's another thing, they bring out details. I was blown away when I reviewed the bonkers cheap original KZ ATE in 2015 and again when we featured the KZ ZS3 on the site. Driver: 10mm*2pcs,6.4mm*2pcs. The size is far bigger than the Campfire's and they are pretty bulky and quite a bit out of the ear. If you’re looking for earphones which are … There was no need for them to have ripped of campfire Audio's design. hi there, this is a in-ear earbud with memory wires that you can adjust it to fit your ear…, Q: Total cost with upgrades - about $80. This is another Hybrid HiFi in-ear earphone, the KZ ZS6 review. All we got on the inside were a set of smal, large and medium tips and a user manual. Most audiophiles berate KZ earphones. $1,099.99. Ive used numourous “1964 Audio” in ears and let me tell you that these blow them out of the water!! I prefer these over all of my other KZ IEM's (ZST, ZS5, ZS10) AND my Sennheiser IE80's. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. It contains information about the features of this awesome budget earbuds as well as comparisons and recommendations. What I found was that for a few bucks extra you get a way better and far more original earphone in the Final Audio Design E3000. You can't go wrong buying these. Get a pack of memory-foam ear buds (I bought these:... Sound-wise, these blow my $270 Shure SE-425 dial driver IEMs away in every way. The mids aren't underrepresented. The new Final Audio e3000 will also eat the KZ ZS6 for lunch and it costs just $50 and has some of the best sound under 100. Post navigation. Read honest and unbiased product … With CNC numerical control lathe precisely carving tech, it average takes … What size comply foam ear tips would go with this zs6 model? kz ks6 hybrid driver earphones review. Without a doubt, the KZ ZS6 are the companies most well-made model to date. Driver: 10mm*2pcs,6.4mm*2pcs Sensitivity: 105dB DC resistance: 15 ohms Frequency range: 7Hz-40000Hz Maximum power :10mw Microphone: NO Cable length: about 120cm Color: Black, Blue,Red Dimension and Weight Product weight: 0.04 pounds Package weight: 0.14 pounds Package size (L x W x H): 4.1 x 2.76 x … And, for good reason. Treble is quite smooth with some peaks on it but not quite devolving to harsh sibilance. Yes, I have heard them. If ever there was a blatant rip off of design then this is it. There was a problem adding this item to Cart. Error posting question. These KZ ZS6 HiFi Quad Driver Earphones are a blessing that is well package with awkward design. Amazon has encountered an error. A cheaper alternative to the Apple Powerbeats and an excellent wireless earbud in their own right for working out. Sorry, we were unable to perform your search at this time. I did replace the tips with Comply 500 size tips, and the cable, with a Yinyoo Audio silver cable that I had on hand. At about the $50.00 price point these are every bit the equal of IEM'S that cost $500.00 The soundstage is impressive. Very good seller. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. In case you didn't know the cables are detachable via standard 2 pin connector and are super easy to replace. The ZS6 is a dual dynamic driver (10mm & 6mm) AND dual balanced armature hybrid in-ear monitor … I cannot think of another audio product at this price point that has give me as much satisfaction . This item: KZ ZS6 HiFi Quad Driver Earphones 2DD+2BA with Extra Bass, Detachable Cable,Without Mic, Gray $46.99 Only 20 left in stock - order soon. These are a well tuned pair of earbuds. There was a problem completing your request. I have done the unboxing and shown you the features of this unique looking headphone. Get in touch! We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Jotunheim, Topping D70, Hifiman 400i, Fostex T50, T40RP MK3s, KZ ZSX, KZ ZSN, iSine 20 by Audeze. If you are going to buy the KZ Zs6 then I would highly recommend you buy one of these upgraded aftermarket cables. Hi-Fi. Customer Questions Upgrade with memory foam plugs and better cable. Bluetooth Audio Cable, KZ Earphone Wireless Replacment Cable for KZ ZS3 ZS5 ZS6 Headphones. Quad Driver Headphones,ERJIGO KZ ZS6 High Fidelity Extra Bass Earbuds without Microphone,with Detachable Cable (Black) Some of the most popular earphones of the past few … I don't wear them as instructed (Left for left, Right for Right), this is just too awkward for convenience … Also, there was a number of things going on with the accessories. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Sensitivity: 105dB KZ ZSN Pro/ProX Dual Driver 1BA+1DD Hybrid Metal Earphones HiFi in-Ear Monitor $20.99 KZ Quad Driver Headphones ERJIGO KZ ZS6 High Fidelity Extra Bass Earbuds - Black In fact, for a sub $50 earphone these are really very good. What’s in the box. 2DD+2BA Hybrid Technology. These KZ ZS6 HiFi Quad Driver Earphones are a blessing that is well package with awkward design. I listen to everything. They spend thousands of dollars on earphones and headphones. This article is a review of the Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 true wireless earphones. CD quality FLAC and 24 by 96 FLAC. AUDIOPHILE HEADPHONES - Better balance of 3 frequencies,crisp high note and deep low notes,compatible with … Covering headphones, IEM, amps, dacs, cables & DAP's. Color: Black, Blue,Red They beat the iSine 20 in sound and comfort and I have the iSine since the first come out. I'd say midrange is handled better on the 425s, but it isn't bad on the KZ's. After months researching, here comes KZ ZS6 which aims to offer the best high-end earphones quality with the most affordable price. What is the cost of the bluetooth wire, you have to purchase seperate if you don't want wi…, A: In the end, it sounds about where I would think a $50ish earphone should sound, you can find a lot of other earphones that sound similar but then you can also find a lot that sounds much worse. Detail retrieval throughout the mids seems OK as does imaging and separation. I’m ready to buy a backup pair they’re so great!!!! It also ridiculously springs and holds too many shapes from when you have them in storage. Yes, they are very good earphones. These KZ's are excellent, much more low end, and a lot more clarity in the high end. KZ ZS6 HiFi Quad Driver Earphones 2DD+2BA with Extra Bass, With Microphone Black. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for KZ ZS6 HiFi Quad Driver Earphones 2DD+2BA with Extra Bass, Detachable Cable, Black at I will start by telling my equipment. Isolation is average. These KZ ZS6 HiFi Quad Driver Earphones are a blessing that is well package with awkward design. The detail is amazing. That means that the ZS6 has a lot of jagged corners on them and in the process of this review, our smaller eared tester did have issues with comfort and fit. Some of the most popular earphones of the past few years have to be the cheap and cheerful offerings from Chinese company Knowledge Zenith.

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