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Oct 6, 2020 - curated skin facts, advice and ideas to take home and live by ️. No issue. But if I call, I get a very mature expert in their product space who can answer any question with confidence. Ok, let’s simplify that one! LOL. Yet, the first half of my life? That being said, Skinceuticals is so expensive (at times prohibitively so)! I've tried numerous dupes (Dr. Brenner, Maelove, Melano CC, etc) and gave them multiple chances (2 or more … Sometimes less is more. It improves everything from skin texture to tone, and targets inflammation as well as hyper pigmentation. A pale amber serum doesn’t mean it has oxidized. The Duke Antioxidant patent was the brilliant work of Dr. Sheldon R. Pinnell, the founding scientist of SkinCeuticals. With Cosmetic Solutions, everything I’ve read and heard seems to me like they are a fantastic option but another reader said she was using it for 6+ months and didn’t observe changes from it. I worry that the L Ascorbic Acid in Timeless is somehow not as active as Skinceuticals, as I have not seen any evidence of oxidation in my Timeless bottle... at all. And to overcome the oxidation problem, I’ve ordered an airless refillable cosmetic pump to decant the ce ferulic into. My final thoughts on these Vitamin C serums from SkinCeuticals, Dr. Brenner, and Timeless. ive been seeing a lot of improvement with the texture of my skin and lightening of hyperpigmentation. The findings are backed by years of research by top scientific teams dedicated to antioxidants in skin care) But … people are making their own serums even in their kitchens! - it actually works to reduce hyperpigmentation - probably the best product I've tried (and I've tried many things! Right now, I don’t have Blender but I have Clear so I’m not mixing them. I partnered with Skinceuticals to share my favorite … Are you able to eat products with Vitamin C or do you just react to concentrated topical forms? Chăm sóc cho làn da không đều màu là điều vô cùng khó khăn. Hi. My only concern with this formula and why I rank it third is because it is on the cusp of what is documented to ensure ascorbic acid can be absorbed. It helps. So…. Learn how your comment data is processed. + 23.9% This week vs Last week This topic gained 23.9 percentage points on average, compared to the same period last week. While there are many good vitamin C serums on the market, products using vitamin C derivatives do not have the same research to back up their claims. See 337 member reviews and photos. Given that the concentration of Ascorbic acid, Vit E and Ferulic are identical between Skinceuticals and CS, I’m interested to understand why you think the former is so much better? It’s important you know which type is in a product in order to evaluate the efficacy of the product. I started using Skinceuticals CE Ferulic approximately 3 years ago after trying a few serums from Amazon with no effect. Why isn’t this supposed to be refrigerated? It looks like both dupes are formulated with a higher percentage of Vitamin C than SkinCeuticals uses (20% vs. … I'm currently using Melano CC and a Peter Thomas Roth retinol serum that has vitamin C but once I use those up I think I'll give Timeless a … I contacted SkinCeuticals product support a couple of years ago and they said it is a preference. It sounds like we are skin-sisters. This is the best vitamin C serum available with many years of conclusive research to back up the claim. But I’m going back to ce ferulic, mainly for it’s scientific validity and pH. Question?? =) xox. Kelly xx For persistent pigmentation I’ve used prescription hydroquinone at 4% – that will LIGHTEN and then I break from it and use Lytera from SkinMedica. Same. And I love their service and transparency in research findings. Maybe one day someone can prove there is something better out there but the best research available is the research done by late Dr. Sheldon R Pinnell. Or is it a personal preference? Could a derivative prove to be better at some point in time? No other company can produce a product with a better delivery system and a pH lower than what SkinCeuticals can do. I’m sure you couldn’t go wrong with either but I stick with the C E Ferulic and I LOVE IT!! Timeless also included Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid into their formula, to help boost luminosity and reduce signs of … I personally use the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic (the one I posted about). I went through three bottle of Timeless with no results that I could see. And then later, after I had children, I developed an allergy to the sun and I can’t sunbathe or anything. Just need them to have a half price sale . L Acorbic Acid should show some degradation when exposed to light and air over time. In a recent social media ad, The Ordinary took an obvious jab at fellow skin-care company Drunk Elephant (the beauty brand behind the fan-favorite T.L.C. Greenvines Know More Luminosity Serum vs. Rohto Mentholatum Melano Cc Intensive Anti-Spot Essence - find out which one you should use based on our comparison of the two skincare favorites! I’d go for a tad less in better packaging because I think it be more effective, for longer, and less waste! Hi sorry I’m so late in the game. But it was the other products that were ineffective and I just never knew. I will most definitely look into skinceuticals. Topical vitamin C is believed to help heal acne, prevent age spots, and decrease moisture loss. Their C-Firma Day Serum contains an ascorbic acid concentration of 15% and also contains ferulic and vitamin E in the same percentage as Cosmetic Skin Solutions and SkinCeuticals. Not the Fraxel resurfacing laser though. Ooh thank you for sharing your experience; your results look great! I've had the good fortune of using two Vitamin C serums for some time and wanted to share my experience. Please leave me a comment below. I'd been debating for a while whether to spill the beans on one of my favourite Vitamin C serums to date. Also the priciest option. At this time,  SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic (serum) is the best product on the market. And then on the other hand, I could tell the person who answered for phone wasn’t an expert and just a customer service person who was walking around trying to get answers. So, that’s a good guideline if you want to be 100% sure you are getting maximum antioxidant benefits from a product. They have the patents and can give consumers the guarantee they’ve maximized a way to get the most out of ascorbic acid. It wasn’t until I used SkinCeuticals that everything changed. I recently purchased the 23% vitamin C serum from The Ordinary and I’m hoping I like it. Go to the source for information. I actually waited a long time (years) to buy it thinking it would do nothing for me. I am unfortunately about to run out and need to make a purchase. I called them and asked the question that I’m sure they hate getting because I get so upset when companies do this stuff – their customer service admitted the product you got is NOT L-ascorbic acid, it has NO phLevel (as I expected) and is actually a derivative form of Vitamin C. Shame on them for stating it is L-ascorbic acid! Coffee is fuel. A few months ago, I switched over to Timeless with the hope that it would be just as effective but a lot less expensive. They said to store the bottle in a dark place (e.g. Anyhow, enjoyed your article and going to be checking out some more! =) xxox, I definitely need to start using it having read your post! … I don’t know how she was using it though and if there was anything in her routine that might have disrupted the efficacy of the C serum. A total of ten patents were obtained by Dr. Pinnell over the years that protect formulations in SkinCeuticals antioxidant products. Better still, I have a perfectly metered dose of CE ferulic dispensed, and it isn’t exposed to air so I have seen NO oxidisation of the product. See more ideas about k beauty, skin care, skincare review. I currently use the Drunk Elephant version but absolutely love Skinceuticals. So, the other one may be good but SkinCeuticals does have a patent and no one can produce something as effective using pure ascorbic acid. i think its japanese. But your body still has to convert the derivative to ascorbic acid. on how to use their products because it’s not that simple. Then I read about the Ph levels and I could have sworn I read somewhere that Cosmetic SS vit c has a Ph of 6.5. Minimize the amount of time you allow your serum to be exposed to air. There isn’t as much research out there as what backs the SkinCeuticals product. 168 products. Best products and reasonably priced Now I really want to add in a Vit C, but it’s such a big investment I really want to be certain i’m buying something that will work. =). You might be able to get a few samples though! As a kid, you were probably told to drink orange juice because vitamin C keeps you healthy. Response 1 of 16: Maelove . I’m using the tretinoin .1% which is the strongest. Just back down a couple days, moisturize and start up again. Greenvines vs… However, check with the company if you are concerned about the color. Claims are made about vitamin C derivatives that simply don’t have enough scientific evidence to back them up. Once you exceed 3.5, your skin cannot absorb the ascorbic acid. The Blender and Tretinoin from Obagi are formulated to be absorbed better when used together. The Cosmetic Skin Care Solutions C & E with ferulic acid contains a combination of 15% ascorbic acid, 1% vitamin, and 0.5% ferulic acid. I am starting the retin-a and CE this weekend. By now, we’re all aware of how marked up the cost of most of the items we buy is. 21 … I've always been fine with it because it dissipates pretty quickly. xoxo. Informative post! I’d die for a nice set of their most popular oils! x, Thank you so much! Not all vitamin C serums are created equal. Their research is quite extensive in the antioxidant and skin care space. I also wrap the bottle in foil to slow the oxidization process. Overall, I feel this line of products is geared towards people who know about skincare and already know not to use 23% straight to the skin if the skin is not ready. C E Ferulic is a vitamin C serum formulated under the Duke Antioxidant patent. Price: 166 USD for 1 fl oz. I’m feeling quite proud of myself and feeling very “eco” for reusing such a great pump rather than throwing it out. Now that I was getting the acne under control, I needed to start trying to fix the evidence of my old acne. Manufacturers also add coloring to hide potential oxidation. So, that is why I stick with them despite the high price tag. The active form of vitamin C is l-ascorbic acid. A painful $166 USD will get you pretty darn guaranteed results. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A few have said not to. I know it’s 1% hyaluronic acid, which is an amount I’ve seen in some standalone HA serums like Timeless’, but I don’t know if that is a good way to compare. Sitting comfortably in the top tier of this luxe list is SkinCeuticals’ C E Ferulic, the beloved serum that launched in 2005 after 40 years of academic research.Often regarded as the gold standard of vitamin C serums (a category that’s constantly expanding, thanks to research about the many skin benefits of the antioxidant), SkinCeuticals… Vitamin C is my fave …get it C for …Cat I will try this as I started changing my skincare products. My only issue is Timeless can be exxy to get to Australia and runs the risk of going bad on the journey, I feel. They tell you on their website that the form of Vitamin C is L-ascorbic acid in that product – that’s actually not true! Vitamin C is a powerhouse ingredient, leaving skin looking brighter and tighter. Everything has been fantastic from them. This is also why it is 6.00. Do you mix your Trentinoin with anything. When layering products, you always want to be moving in order of lowest to highest pH. I grew up in Southern California and I was at the beaches all the time. This is an old topic so I really hope you are still monitoring your blog. The gold standard of Vitamin C serums. Currently… no one in the market that I’m aware of can produce a serum with a ph as low as they can. There are different forms of topical vitamin C and a lot of ambiguous information out there. I just order a sample of skinceuticals since that seems to be the top notch one that everyone raves about. There is also evidence that vitamin C plays a role in collagen production. xoxoxoxxox Fan for life!! I’ve been using Melano CC (spot treatment) ... so if you knew you were spending a day outdoors, it would be worthwhile to use it in the morning vs. evening. Avene A-oxitive serum The Ordinary Pycnogenol The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Uriage Age Protect Novexpert Vitamin C Melano CC SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic La Roche Posay Vitamin C It's Skin C serum. Hi J~ Thanks for the post. With a handbag-friendly wand applicator, this quick drying gel can be applied directly onto skin, for any skin emergency. It makes me question their ingredient lists (for that serum of course but also for the other products too). Courtesy of brand. The process to formulate a stable product with L-ascorbic acid would unlikely retail for a cost that low. Which brings me to say that it wouldn’t hurt if they provided more info (and warnings!) Some products have ingredients that are not compatible with ascorbic acid and you could be losing efficacy. I think it’s absolutely fantastic. I have tried some other ones in the past but SkinCeuticals is just so amazing. About the 23%, it seems fine if you read about it in the “Anhydrous vitamin C” section here: On the one hand, there are some things I'd like to keep to my self, hugging it to my chest with a sly smile, knowing it's my little secret. I’ve bumped up usage to twice a day so I’m burning through the product really fast. Take a look at IS Clinicals Youth Eye Serum (I reviewed it) and Neocutis Lumiere Rich. How It Works. Keep going! They ship internationally (I’m in Australia) . Sukari Babyfacial) over marula oil.. (FYI this is not in a particular order because it was too hard to do so!) Excellent review, Janine! Each batch produced can vary slightly but they can produce the product with the lowest pH. We aren’t going to get into the discussion of all the different derivatives here but rather focus on the most stable and effective serums using the pure form of vitamin C with no color or fragrance additives. There are seven or eight different forms of vitamin C used in skin products. I know what you mean. I go right up under my eyes. And do you add something to retin a at night? When I said 6.00 – I was referring to $6.00 (6 dollars – their price is about 5.80). Wow.. See right now I am using Skinceuticals Retinol and this is the first Retinol that ever really showed a change for me... makes me wonder if the C is the same. The Skinceuticals Phloretin CF is a combination of 10% Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), 2% phloretin and 0.5% ferulic acid. However, I believe it would be the next best if you want to use the pure active form of Vitamin C. I like to because there’s extensive research on it vs the derivatives. I am surprised you said it caused your hyper-pigmentation to return. A formula must contain a certain amount of ascorbic acid to be effective. I once declared that I was done with Sunday Riley. Thường tuần đầu mụn sẽ trồi lên so sp có tính đẩy nhân mụn. If you add Skinceuticals Discoloration Defense after their CE Ferulic, the results are even faster. If the pH is higher than 3.5, your skin cannot absorb the Vitamin C. Many serums on the shelves have a pH level that is too high rendering them ineffective. But that guarantee isn’t necessarily important to every consumer. And then it dawned on me! The SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic is the best on the market but it is 160US / ounce. God, my wallet cannot afford this! I have not tried Timeless and I haven’t tried the Drunk Elephant one but I thought they made a nice product and it came at a good price. Every company will tout their formula is the best and refrain from sharing weaknesses within their formulations. Over the course of he last year, it wasn’t until I began using C E Ferulic from SkinCeuticals that I noticed a major difference with my skin. That’s terrific you haven’t experienced any redness or flaking! I am so confused. =(. Sorry, I haven’t used this Vitamin C product but I’ve been reading about it and would really like to know where you got the 6.0 pH? So, on the C serum, the SkinCeuticals product doesn’t smell good (AT ALL!) Start with something more gentle first (the Melano CC essence is a good place to start) then progress onwards to the 10%, 15% and then 20% to allow your skin to get accustomed to it. I read that the C serum loses effectiveness. melano cc! Both, however, are effective, so choose one that suits your needs and that your dermatologist recommends. Well, as they say, those were famous last words. Results have been dramatic since I began using a top quality C serum and I will never go a day without it. Check on Amazon. Any derivative of vitamin C must be converted on your skin to ascorbic acid to be absorbed. That’s really what I need improvement on. Melano cc, đỉnh của đỉnh Meo Meo. I’ll have o ping them and see if there is anything in the works or testing. I’d like to know your thoughts about Dermadoctor KAKADU C 20% VITAMIN C SERUM. If it has a  dropper, put it back in the jar as quickly as possible and keep the lid tight. There are many moisturizers out there and I change mine all the time. my experience when I started using vitamin C here,, InMode Fractora RF Review: Personal Experience & Photos Days 1-4, Most Common Questions About Kybella Side Effects, Problems With Kat Von D Tattoo Liner No One Tells You About, Thoughts On Clarins Skin Illusion Serum Foundation, Korean Beauty Skincare Routine with LANEIGE. One day you just start wondering what has changed and then it will dawn on you that the change was Vitamin C. =), I love the vitamin C and E combo.. Do you drop CE in your hands and rub together? For ascorbic acid to be absorbed, the ph level must be less than 3.5 and in a water based solution (or a crystallized form that we rarely see). Em này đang được nhiều bạn yêu thích và review cực nhiều vì hiệu quả trong việc ngăn ngừa tàn nhanh, giảm sự … I’m in my 40s too and wish I’d started all this ten years ago. Perhaps, SkinCeuticals hasn’t changed the packaging because it would cost most and the product is quite expensive. $16.00. That stuff is liquid gold, seriously! But I do that for a few months and then I break from him as it contains 4% hydroquinone. That’s when I cross the product off my list. So, that was a red flag. Chocolate is life. If that’s too high, the other one I suggested in my post is what I think would be next best at 40US / ounce from Skin Cosmetics. I am actually allergic to products containing Vitamin C (sigh), but I feel my body is changing overtime and I hope to use these Vit C beauty oils sometime soon in the future! The Duke Antioxidant patent describes effective delivery of vitamin C to skin and protects the formulation used in SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic. Sometimes, I combine the Retin-A with Obagi Blender to skin lightening. TIA! A question though. Hi Janine, just wanted to give you an update about my decanting CE ferulic into an airless pump etc. My doctor does is once or twice a year. (Shocker.) If you have been using a C serum and not seeing results, it likely because the product doesn’t have an effective delivery system (various additives used to ensure your skin can absorb it) and/or the pH level is too high. I'm currently using Melano CC and a Peter Thomas Roth retinol serum that has vitamin C but once I use those up I think I'll give Timeless a shot. So, I just have to go with what has the best evidence. Products with the pure form of vitamin C will have ascorbic acid or l-ascorbic acid on the label. I have chosen a vitamin C serum with ascorbic acid because this is the substance that has been studied the most. Chi tiết MELANO CC VITAMIN C SERUM. I have dabbled with the Ordinary 23% but it’s hell to use (stingy, sticky, pills like you wouldn’t believe) so that’s probably headed for the bin. The skincare experts who talked to HuffPost overwhelmingly recommend SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Vitamin C serum, but it doesn't come cheap. So…..I took apart my old C-firma pump, cleaned it really well and disinfected with alcohol. However, many forms of Vitamin C and many more formulations of Vitamin C are available commercially with a potential to confuse the audience. I tried 3 bottles of Dr. Brenner and it showed no results for me. I am in love with your blog too, you should be so proud.. well done gorgeous gal! Unfortunately, I have to agree with you that only Skinceuticals CE Ferulic works for me. Ingredients:  aqua / water / eau, ethoxydiglycol, ascorbic acid, glycerin, propylene glycol, laureth-23, phenoxyethanol, tocopherol (Vitamin E), triethanolamine, ferulic acid, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate. That’s what usually causes people to stop using it tretinoin (I have a more recent article I published on that). SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic. I use the C serum in the AM and the Retin-A in the PM. Lytera 2.0 just came out but I haven’t tried it yet. Oh thank you so much!! While it’s a costly one, I believe they have the best product available on the market today.

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