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Owens Corning roof shingle types Supreme. Now I have a material voucher that doesn't do anything for me. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Premium Lifetime Architectural Shingle: An upgrade to the Oakridge line of shingles and the best dimensional style shingle you can purchase in the Owens Corning … I have had 3 roofers at my house and roofers love to slam another roofer. The past few years I had several shingles blow off and fixed at my expense. Owens Corning Shingle Reviews Roofs are one of the first things that people will notice in either a home or office. I feel like this is a total scam to get me to buy a expensive roof and it lasted less than my last builder grade shingle lasted. If anyone out there is having the same issue and is thinking about a class action, please let me know. At an average cost of $77 per square, you can spend relatively little on a new roof with Owens Corning's Supreme shingles.. Model: Oakwood Now we had no leaks in the attic from our install.. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. I installed 51 squares of Owens Corning Oakridge Shingles (Color Onyx Black) on my home in 2013. Name: Jimmy Duforough Location: Houston, TX Satisfaction Rating: Date created: 2020-06-02 For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our Oakridge® laminated shingles have a warm, inviting look in popular colors for a step up from traditional three-tab shingles… Name: ginny gibbs How do I know I can trust these reviews about Owens Corning? When it came down to it after many calls and discussion with the warranty department that the shingles were past the 5 year sealing and blow off warranty. I surely wasn't putting OC Shingles back on, and the roof job was already completed. Their mid-range Definition Duration shingles start at $80-110. MANY times I repaired and hoped they would seal in the summer sun. Do not do business with this company, they are marketing a rotten product and judging from the many complaints, they know it is rotten. I am very disappointed... We installed our 50 year Owens Corning roof in 2004. The vents were moving, Shrinking and pulling apart. I gathered all of the information including the pictures, claim form and samples. No noise! Location: San Antonio, TX I was trying to get help with my roof replacement during the early Coronavirus shutdown. Owens Corning Duration and TruDefinition Duration Review. However, they did reimburse us with a fair settlement after it was over. Satisfaction Rating: Date created: 2020-06-02 Get matched with a contractor or specialist on HomeAdvisor. Owens Corning ridge vent make an awful noise when wind gusts above 10 mph. Be the first one to find this review helpful. I contacted Lowe's which instructed me to file a claim with Owens Corning because this was not normal "Wear and Tear". So we bought this vent and installed it.. As well we did not use a roof cap shingles, we used the **. I had to replace my old shingles after a bad hailstorm damaged my old shingles and many of my neighbors' … I think that it is horrible that they will not help me out at all. Date created: 2021-01-26 Placed a call to O/C in 2006 and was assured this was normal. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. Location: Moreau New York ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. Name: B. Satisfaction Rating: Date created: 2020-12-01 of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. I had the same type vent before. The opinions expressed in these reviews are the opinions of consumers that submitted reviews to Roof.info. site map  |  Review: "Six Years and They Won't Stand Behind Product" The plastic vent material under the shingles is totally rotten and Owens Corning will not stand behind their product. Life was very complicated and I do understand that. Owens Corning are also highly wind-resistant, so they will likely not have delamination issues. Now they're telling me it's 5. Owens Corning … Owens Corning TruDefinition DURATION Review Roof Shingles are all about color, style, and texture. Brown Overall, I feel that they stepped up and did the right thing. Owens Corning has not addressed the fact that they knew these shingles were defective when they sold them. Model: Oakridge Lifetime They do not necessarily represent the opinions of Roof.info. Model: Oakridge Lifetime Filed a warranty claim and Owens Corning proposed resolution is a materials voucher for less than half of the 60 square, no labor etc. So in the spring we went up and looked and notice another issue.. Of these types of shingles from various manufacturers, these were the prominent shingles that were recommended by Consumer Reports: Owens Corning Berkshire Collection Chosen for performance Known as elegant, top-of-the-line slate shingles … After the next year I had to re-shingle my entire Kitchen roof and I contacted Owens Corning 2 times over this issue of large patches of shingles sliding off. Roofers never warned me. I have had them for about 13 months now. Duration® Series Shingles are unrivaled by any other architectural shingles because they feature our patented SureNail® Technology - a technological breakthrough in shingle design.. I built a new home 11 years ago and used Duration shingles which had a 30 year and a 100 MPH blow off warranty. Their product is garbage and so is their customer service. Our State left our complaint for over a year. Name: L Maxwell Keep in mind that I was told that I would be reimbursed by Owens Corning up to $150 for the cost of the shingle samples (Roofers Labor). Owens Corning® Oakridge® and Duration® Series Shingles outperform where it matters most–the nailing zone. Consumer Reports just finished its first comprehensive review of asphalt roofing shingles in more than a decade, and found that the best of the batch are more than twice as strong as the competition. Customer service was insulting, they told me that it was my responsibility to know better than to buy their product (really), and have now repeatedly stated that their shingles meet their own standards. Duration roofing shingles provide strength and durability to your roof thanks to patented SureNail technology. I was hoping to get 30 years out of it, as that seems to be the industry standard. Satisfaction Rating: Date created: 2020-03-14 All Rights Reserved. Satisfaction Rating: Date created: 2020-02-07 Satisfaction Rating: Date created: 2020-08-05 I have multiple roof inspection reports that clearly state that this is not normal wear and tear nor damage from "Acts Of God". Image source: Owens Corning On a tight budget? The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. I have shingled MANY houses in my life. Model: Oakridge Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Satisfaction Rating: Date created: 2020-05-26 Name: Vince OC’s SureNail Technology … Very important in harsh conditions. Although a slightly lower price per square, you might be able to upgrade to the OC Duration Designer shingles … They denied the claim. Location: poland ohio Location: Sedro Woolley, WA From the beginning they were just very rude. It is a numbers game.. How many can they ignore Homeowners before someone hires a lawyer. None of my specific questions were answered; they could not cite any product of their own that would hold up against bird droppings. That is what we used to replace our previous roof after the hurricane. Review: "Best Shingles to have for windy weather" I am a fan of the Owens Corning Duration Shingles. Model: Duration Satisfaction Rating: home  |  The most popular Owens Corning’s shingles are TruDefinition Duration Shingles. Spread the word! GAF introduces this shingle in late 2015 and it has been a hit. Save yourself the money and headache!! In essence, they claim to offer a 30-year warranty but are offering only a 5-year warranty. If this was NOT a product FAILURE then WHY did Owens Corning almost immediately stop making them and come up with a different version of that product??? High-Performance Roofing Shingles. I then get a package asking for many items including proof of ownership, detailed pictures, shingle samples, etc. This is a brand new event. ** This here is the issue.. As we have a large attic and the last contractor before we bought the home did not do venting for this home. Then covid hit and this put us out longer. Unsubscribe easily. Owens Corning Woodmoor, Laminated/Architectural limited lifetime shingles, price range: $55.55 to $56.00 per bundle, five bundles per 100 square feet; Owens Corning Reviews Far and wide, consumers tend to find that Owens Corning shingles … Satisfaction Rating: Date created: 2020-05-27 So we made a notice with Owens, and you know what we found out that owens just filled this over the a warranty issue they do not want to cover.. Because we did not use caps and nail to the plastic which we felt would damage the vents for sure.. I had Owens Corning shingles installed on my home back in 2006 and immediately we noticed a lot of shingle granules coming off the shingles. 2. The rep took pictures and sent to OC. I had the local Owens sales rep come out with my contractor, who is a certified Owens installer. Location: Sarasota, FL privacy. Name: Misty Daniels Either way we notice they are pulling this product off the shelve slowly and replacing it with a roll our style plastic vent.. And why because they know they lied to all of us and should have done a recall to replace the vents for all home owners.. Big Companies turn their backs on all of us like this too much.. My cost will be over 400.00 because they will not take responsibility for their bad product.. Not an easy company to deal with. I am now having the installer put on CertainTeed shingles. Read reviews of other Shingle brandsWrite a review. One of the things that was odd was as part of the settlement was a material voucher. Do yourself a favor and stay away from OC products. We built a new house in 2012 purchase 40 year duration shingles and after only 8 days a few blew off. Original review: Jan. 11, 2019. Glenwood by GAF. Owens Corning shingles are comparable in cost to other leading shingle brands, including GAF. Owens Corning shingles … Get buying tips about Roof Shingles delivered to your inbox. Both companies produce asphalt roofing shingles, which come in a variety of styles and colors. Owens Corning Supreme shingles in Desert Tan. Browse Owens Corning Roofing shingles by color, shingle lines, price, features, wind resistance, and/or warranty to find the right roof for your home. They’re patented with SureNail Technology and offer a premium look at a reasonable price. I filed a claim and received a box requesting many pictures and 2 shingle samples. They tell me that it is not their fault. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. Be aware this warranty only covers 10yrs of complete replacement as long as properly installed and … Owens Corning and Atlas Roofing are two of the most trusted shingle manufacturers in North America. Review: "Good in the heat" I am a roofer and have tried pretty much every brand sold in Texas. Copyright © 2021 Consumers Unified LLC. 2018. We screwed them on and black jack caulked it all.. These 3-tab shingles … They all say it was a shingle problem not installation. Shingle stands up to its name and flexes easily without cracking. They also never reimbursed me for the shingle samples. We have done our … This does not help with venting at all.. Batterbee Roofing is charging me … I would not recommend the VentSure ridge vent or the ProEdge ridge shingles. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. So as the winter came in 2019-2020 we noticed that Owens made a producted that filled up with snow in the vents.. Location: Harvest,AL The rep told us that the Duration shingles of that vintage had a factory defect and we should see some compensation. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Vinton Roofing of Vinton Virginia said it was normal for Owens Corning VentSure roof vents. Read 82 Owens Corning Shingle reviews or write your own review. These people are criminals! You can literally roll this shingle and its unheard off in asphalt shingle world. TruDefinition is Owens Corning’s color design platform specially formulated to capture … We received no compensation as goodwill or anything under warranty. Model: Duration Name: mary dixon The shingles have always had granule problems on every Owens Corning shingle that I used on my home and to get it warrantied I was told it had a labor warranty up to 10 years. In general, they’re more weather resistant than most shingles on the market. Name: Ian Blackwell The Series highlights our popular Duration® Shingles… VERY LOUD! I am out over $12,000 after I install a new roof. Not only did they do the correct thing but they were all so incredibly kind to me. We jumped through all of the hoops, had to make several attempts to explain that we didn't buy the roof, it was on the house when we bought it NEW. My new O/C shingles failed after one year; pigeon droppings caused the granules to fall off leaving ugly bare tar rings. That is why it is essential to make sure it stands out like the rest of the parts of the house or … I would recommend using Owens Corning Duration shingles which carry a 35 yr warranty. "Review of Owens Corning Oakridge Shingles" I have owned these shingles for about 6 months. Shingle review of the Owens Corning Duration Shingle.http://www.integrityroofingandpainting.com How many times have they actually made a customer happy??? I contacted Owens Corning. Name: Helen Hickman I can not go back to the store that sold me them because it went out of business... Owens Corning has a system of loops they make you jump through, thinking you may actually get them to stand behind their product but it REALLY is a system of smoke and mirrors. Rated 5 /5. Satisfaction Rating: Date created: 2020-06-08 A link has directed you to this review. Owens Corning makes many tiers of roofing shingles and is one of the few brands that offers a lifetime warranty on certain lines, provided you use one of their licensed installers. Now in 2020 my shingles have cracks all over and needs to be replaced. Compared to regular shingles it flexes, it bends and it goes back to original form. Did the lame warranty paperwork, sent pictures and sent in my 2 shingles... was told the "LAB" was looking into it... After a month they sent me a letter stating it was an installation issue. I shipped the package off via UPS. They NEVER sealed down to the roof and within a year large sheets of shingles would slide off. Also, Owens Corning Duration shingles if stalled in hot weather they show a lot of damage from roofers foot traffic. I tried dealing with the company thinking well at least they will help with the cost of the shingle and I will pay for the labor but NO. Compared to competitive shingles our architectural shingles provide outstanding … I had Owens Corning shingles installed on my home back in 2006 and immediately we noticed a lot of shingle granules coming off the shingles. Unsubscribe easily. Roof info is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind, In March of 2019 I had many large areas of shingles blow off. I received a call after six weeks from OC that after careful review in their "LAB" that there was nothing wrong with the shingles. We value your privacy. Thank you Owens.. the Pink panther really should not be on your products.. Because we trust him but not you Owens ever again.. either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties I have had different problems with most of them, but I never seem to have problems with Owens Corning. Location: Florida Without a doubt, Owens Corning has offered a great variety of roof shingle types. contact  |  So as we tried to get the roof repair by the contractor.. We filed a complaint with the State Of Michigan that the Contractor whom has done 20 years of work in this state and county. This company is not yet accredited. Several "moss remover" companies that I had do maintenance on our roof strongly suggested that we replace the roof. We had 18 years on a 25 year roof, and we decided that it needed replacing, and we were going to do it this summer. After a roof inspection about six weeks ago, I discovered that all of the shingles are breaking down and showing fibers. FAQ. Name: Wayne Simmons Also I had an add-on on my home in 2011 and Owens Corning shingles did the same thing. I was constantly finding excessive granules in gutters soon after. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Unsubscribe at any time. Now 10 years later most shingles are completely void of granules exposing fiberglass mat. This is a new contender in the realistic looking shake style category with seemingly random cut tabs and triple … Not that it’s applicable but it shows characteristics of a very important feature of innovative roofing product Owens Corning have created. Here are the advantages offered by this brand from various perspectives.There are two reasons roofers suggest IKO products: Installed over 60 square Oakridge pro 30 shingles on new construction single family home in 2005. Location: Charlotte, NC Before ordering shingles, compare the products made by both companies and then decide which type of shingle … Location: Houston, TX Why is there 75 people on the internet complaining about the EXACT SAME ISSUES??? Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Some of the shingles are worse than others. Very unprofessional and I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. How many HOMEOWNERS have to be cheated before we all start a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT??? We value your privacy. Shop Owens Corning Oakridge 32.8 Sq Ft Estate Gray Laminated Architectural Roof Shingles in the Roof Shingles department at Lowe's.com. Living on the coast, you need a shingle that will withstand high winds and these shingles … This company did come through for me and I am so happy about that.

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